Ambiverse NLU API scores highest in DPA Newslab study

by Luciano Del Corro on in Showcases

A study by Alex Gauss at the Department of Journalism and Communication Research in Hannover in collaboration with Newslab, the research unit of the German national news agency dpa, compared different NLU APIs for the named entity recognition and disambiguation task in German. The result made us very proud: The Ambiverse NLU API scored highest. You can have a look at the medium post by Alex, where he shares the main findings of his research.

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Luciano Del Corro

Luciano Del Corro

VP Innovation & Co-Founder at Ambiverse
Luciano has the ability to solve language understanding problems in a principled but tractable manner, making him the key person for bringing research to applications. He completed a PhD in natural language understanding at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics.
Luciano Del Corro