News are a key element in the financial decision making process. Our Natural Language Understanding API (NLU API) gives you a big advantage by allowing a precise and fast transformation of news into useful, measurable, and easily accessible knowledge. The NLU API can quickly process a large number of documents providing a real-time analysis of what is happening on the news.

Our NLU API automatically links company names in news articles.

Spotting Companies

Which companies are mentioned?

Our technology spots companies (and also persons, locations, ...) in text. This is not a trivial task: Companies appear with different names (Microsoft or MSFT) or even different companies may be referred with the same name ("Apple" for Apple inc. or Apple records).

We search for concepts not words.

Search by Company

Smart Search

With the NLU API you can directly search for specific companies. This is not possible in regular search engines. If you search for "Microsoft", documents will not be found where the company is mentioned as MSFT. Similarly, if you search for "Apple" you will get documents about the fruit, the software company, or the record company.

We know which ones are software companies.

Search by Industrial Sector

Smart Search

Our knowledge graph knows to which industrial sector the companies belong to (oil drilling, car manufacturers, software, etc.). Therefore, you can directly search for sectors without specifying individual companies. You can get all documents about software companies and every document in which such companies are relevant will be retrieved. This type of search, impossible in regular search engines, is a straightforward way of analyzing entire sectors or compare a specific company against them.

Search by Index

Smart Search

Our knowledge graph knows which company belongs to which index. For instance, it knows that Apple Inc. is listed in the S&P 500 or that Lufthansa is in the German DAX. Instead of specifying a company or a sector, you can directly specify an index (or a set of indices) and get all news where companies belonging to that index are mentioned.

We know the companies by index.
We detect when companies are trending in the news.

Trending Companies

Smart Analytics

Our technology allows you to easily spot trending companies at each specific point in time. Suppose that a given company experiences a sudden popularity in the news. You can quickly get an alert and understand why. You can get trending companies in general, in a specific sector, or in a specific index.

Trend Analysis

Smart Analytics

Ambiverse Natural Language Understanding API allows you to analyze trends of companies, sectors, or indices. For instance, you can compare the evolution of a given company on the news over time or compare it with the evolution of a given sector or index.

We compare trends of companies with the whole sector.

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