The Easiest Way to Try Out Entity Linking

by Dragan Milchevski on in Showcases

Good news everyone! For those of you who always wanted to try our Entity Linking Service (part of the Natural Language Understanding API) but never found the time to sign up for it: We created a demo just for you! Simply press the “Analyze” button and see how Ambiverse’s AI recognizes all names and resolves ambiguities with ease.


Enter any text in English, German, Spanish, or Chinese.




The demo allows you to write (or paste) any text you like, and see which entities our NLU API extracts. In the example you will see that for the name “Pete” it understands that this actually is Pete Townshend of The Who fame, and that Tommy is not the first name of a person but the title of a Who album. You can also view the JSON output that would be returned by our API when accessed programmatically.

The perfect, hassle-free way to understand what you get when using our Natural Language Understanding API!

Learn more about the NLU API

Dragan Milchevski

Dragan Milchevski

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